Why does Rockstar Loan require personal information?

Many people get nervous about providing contact information and their Building Name/Number, but these details are required to confirm your identity.  Without this data, the opportunity for fraud greatly increases.  Since our number one priority is keeping our customers safe, we require any information that might help make that easier.

Our applications are protected by bit-encryption technology and HTTPS protocols to ensure all the information given to us is securely received and delivered to your lender.

What if my credit isn’t very good?

This type of loan is typically created specifically for consumers who have struggled to obtain a different type of credit.  Because our lenders determine creditworthiness based on employment and income rather than past debts and money management habits, applicants often have a better chance of getting approved.

How much can I get approved for?

On the application you have the opportunity to request the loan amount you are seeking.  Ultimately it is the lenders decision to offer a particular amount.  The loans range from £100 up to £1000 depending on your employment and income information.  Anyone considering a cash loan should determine the exact amount needed to cover the cost of the emergency and avoid taking out more than necessary.

What should a Rockstar loan be used for?

The choice of how to use a cash loan is completely in the hands of the borrower, but we advise it be used only for one-time, emergency financial situations.  Many customers seek out our loans to cover the cost of auto repair, home repairs – like malfunctioning plumbing or heating systems – or to keep utilities turned on.

Some use these loans for everyday expenses like food and petrol, but borrowers are advised to find a more long-term solution to handle recurring costs.

Why should I choose Rockstar Loan for my financial needs?

Rockstar Loan is a service built specifically for consumers who have encountered an emergency and need financial help.  We’ve been working in this industry for more than five years and we’ve perfected the speed, safety and accuracy with which we deliver cash loans.

We operate as a loan brokerage company which means you have a better chance to get approved for the best loan because we have many lending partners.  You don’t have to settle for a single company’s rates and fees when we can scan multiple loan providers to help find you something better.